Trust your uniqueness!

There is no one solution or one patent remedy for everything or everyone of us. That would be paradoxical! This is also true in coaching and that is why I take your uniqueness into account and we co-create an individual coaching process.

Albert Einstein already recognized: Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.

If we remain alone with our thoughts, we turn in circles. Simply no new impulses want to arise, let alone a solution. This wears us down. It does good and helps to share your thoughts with an attentive counterpart in a trusting way.

In your coaching sessions you are invited to: 

  • experience fresh impulses through unusual perspectives,
  • find and set your own individual goals,
  • an exciting journey towards more space for opportunities,
  • a loving confrontation with your fears and obstacles, 
  • develop courage for your next steps,
  • an extra portion of energy through your own self-efficacy.
Einzelcoaching Labyrinth Meer

„When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

What becomes possible through coaching

Setting clear and achievable goals

Creating awareness of your resources

Understanding how everything connects

Becoming calm & 

Setting priorities & doable steps

A 1:1 coaching session

  • Duration: 60-90 minutes
    Shorter or longer sessions upon request.
  • For the moment all coachings are virtual sessions (through zoom)
    Alternatively through phone or a walk in the park (Berlin).
  • Invest: 100 EUR per Personal Coaching and 150 EUR for Business Coaching. The first introductory session of up to 30 minutes is free of charge. Discounts for people in special life situations and NGO employees on request. 
  • Appointments available on short-term notice
    Just send me your request.

Introductory Call -
Let's get to know each other

Together we find out whether we are on the same wavelength.
That is the prerequisite for successful coaching.

Free of charge
Through Zoom or by phone
Duration: up to 30 minutes

Please feel free to suggest a date for the first session and when I can reach you.
I will contact you as soon as possible for our first call.

Request per Email

I answer emails within 24 hours.

Request per Whatsapp

The easiest way to reach me.

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